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Wed 03 May 2017
Postgres Full-Text Search With Django
Mon 14 March 2016
Fix Django's runserver when run under Docker or PyCharm
Mon 05 October 2015
A Phoenix Plug for assigning template variables
Tue 29 September 2015
A few notes on Bourbon, Neat, Bitters, Refills
Fri 28 August 2015
I have released my first mobile app, AnswerCast
Wed 12 June 2013
AnchorSprite: Setting an anchor point on any Sprite
Fri 17 May 2013
The beauty of using matrices to apply transformations to objects
Fri 03 May 2013
Implementing a better Bezier class in Gideros
Wed 10 April 2013
Fixing Lua indenting in Sublime Text